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1st Special Forces Regiment 5th Special Forces Group
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Fighting soldiers from the sky Fearless men who jump and die Men who mean just what they say The brave men of the Green Beret Welcome to the 5th Special Forces Group We are Battle Harden Green Beret's and we fight for the Weak and stand Up For Freedom The units Pay Pal accout is now set up if would like to donate to help the unit feel free to do so the donate button is on the main home page


 Ribbion System

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Ribbion System Empty
PostSubject: Ribbion System   Ribbion System EmptySat Jun 11, 2011 4:13 pm

Army Service Ribbon
Ribbion System ASR
Given to all enlisted men, following the passing of BCT.

Special Forces Weapons Sergeant Ribbon
Ribbion System SWT
Given to Weapon Sergeant

Sharp Shooter Ribbions
Ribbion System Drill
Given to a Expert Sharp Shooter

Service Award
Ribbion System Service
Given for 3 months of active service, or a extereme event in which it is deserved

Good Conduct
Ribbion System Goodcond
Given for basic work and eithic.

Army Commindation
Ribbion System Acom
Given for good work and eithic

Army Acheivment
Ribbion System Armyach
Given for great work and eithic.

Military Police Officer
Ribbion System 2601982420104977168ovYKbq_th
Given to those who are a MP.

Non-Commissioned Officer
Ribbion System NCO
Given for the rank of Cpl. - FSgt.

Commissioned Officer
Ribbion System Officer
Given for the rank of 2Lt. - Major.

Senior Officer
Ribbion System Senoff
Given for the rank of LCol. - BGen.

Engineer Sergeant Ribbon
Ribbion System SVR
Givein To Engineer Sergeants

Communications Sergeant Ribbon
Ribbion System AVA
Given to Communications Sergeants

Intelligence Sergeant Ribbon
Ribbion System DVA
Given to Intelligence Sergeants

Senior Sergeant Ribbon
Ribbion System SVA
Given to Senior Sergeant

Officer Candidate School
Ribbion System Ocs1
Given to those who have passed OCS

Prisoner of War
Ribbion System POWR
Given for being the last surviving member, being outnumbered, and Living with everyone Else is Dead

Outstanding Volunteer Service Ribbon
Ribbion System Outstanding-Volunteer-Service-Ribbo
Awarded to members for performing substantial volunteer service to the realism community above and beyond the duties required as a member of the 5th SFG

Bronze Star
Ribbion System BS
Given for Valour without the call of duty.

Silver Star
Ribbion System SS
Given for great Valour without the call of duty.

Close Quters Combat Ribbon
Given for passing the Close Quaters Combat Course
Ribbion System CQCRibbion3

Medal of Honor*
Ribbion System MOH
Given for absolute extreme Valour without the call of duty.

Distinguished Service Cross
Given for superb Valor without the call of duty.
Ribbion System DistinguishedServiceCross

Sere Ribbon
Given for passing SERE school
Ribbion System SERERibbion

Medical Sergeant Ribbon
Given to Medical Sergeants
Ribbion System MedRibbion

Weekly Training Ribbon
Given to member who participate in Weekly Training
Ribbion System RSM

Tactical Operation Ribbon
Given to members who participate in weekly Operations
Ribbion System WLA-1

Unit Citation Ribbon
given to members with great record of service
Ribbion System APC-1

Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon
Given to the unit members with Excellent record of service
Ribbion System AMU

Special Forces Officer/Special Forces Warrant Officer Ribbon
Given to members who participate in training more than three months
Ribbion System Rt

Ribbion System Burnes123
18Z—Special Forces Senior Sergeant
1st Special Forces Regiment
5th Special Forces Group
ODA 575

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Ribbion System
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