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5th Special Forces Group

1st Special Forces Regiment 5th Special Forces Group
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Fighting soldiers from the sky Fearless men who jump and die Men who mean just what they say The brave men of the Green Beret Welcome to the 5th Special Forces Group We are Battle Harden Green Beret's and we fight for the Weak and stand Up For Freedom The units Pay Pal accout is now set up if would like to donate to help the unit feel free to do so the donate button is on the main home page


 5th Special Forces Group MOS descriptions

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18X—Special Forces Enlistment Option
this is entry level for all REC's
Enlistment option guaranteeing the opportunity to try out for Special Forces

18B—Special Forces Weapons Sergeant
Special Forces Weapons Sergeant employs U.S. and foreign small arms, light and heavy crew served weapons, anti-aircraft and anti-armor weapons. Controls emplacement and supervises employment during tactical offensive and defensive combat operations; reads, interprets, and prepares combat orders; coordinates organic and supporting fire power, performs standard and non-standard air delivery, airborne operations, and air-ground operations; ensures collection and proper reporting of intelligence data to unit and staff sections.

18C—Special Forces Engineer Sergeant
The Special Forces engineer sergeant employs offensive/defensive combat engineer capabilities; performs and instructs in demolitions, explosives, improvised munitions, U.S. and foreign landmines, mine/countermine operations, construction, field fortification, bridging, rigging, electrical wiring, reconnaissance, target analysis and civil action projects; instructs and performs land and water navigation duties by interpreting maps, overlays, photos, charts and using standard and nonstandard navigational techniques and equipment; proficient in sabotage operations with standard, nonstandard, and improvised munitions and explosives; plans, prepares and conducts the target analysis portion of the area study; collects and disseminates engineer intelligence data; prepares and reviews target folders; prepares and reviews target analysis folders.

18D—Special Forces Medical Sergeant
Special Forces medical sergeant ensures detachment medical readiness; establishes and supervises temporary, fixed and unconventional warfare medical/dental facilities to support conventional or unconventional operations with emergency, routine, and long term medical care; provides initial medical/dental screening and evaluation of allied and indigenous personnel; manages detachment, allied, or indigenous patients, administration, admission and discharge, care, laboratory and pharmacological requirements and the initiation, maintenance and transfer of records; orders, stores, catalogs, safeguards and distributes medical/dental supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals; supervises medical care and treatment during split detachment missions; operates combat laboratory and treats emergency and trauma patients in accordance with established surgical principles; diagnoses and treats various medical/veterinary dermatological, pediatric, infectious and obstetric conditions using appropriate medications, intravenous fluid support and physical measures; manages and supervise all aspects of deployed preventive medicine; develops and provides medical intelligence as required; in unconventional warfare environment, instructs medical personnel, manages guerilla hospital, and field evacuation nets; coordinates the operation, interaction and activities of medical/dental facilities within an area of operation; manages battalion size troop medical/dental clinic and its administrative and logistical support; establishes a base stock of medical supplies and equipment, internal or external procurement, storage, security and distribution of those items; coordinates veterinary training and support for area requiring animal transportation or use; provides guidance and training of medical personnel and preventive medicine specialists.

18E—Special Forces Communications Sergeant
Special Forces communications sergeant provides conventional and unconventional tactical communications support during unilateral, combined, coalition, joint, interagency and multinational operations; employs ODA communications equipment to include HF, VHF, and UHF/SHF radio communications systems to transmit and receive radio messages in voice, continuous wave, and burst radio nets; trains, advises, and supervises the installation and operation of radios, communications procedures, facsimile, wire communications and computer networks; plans, manages, and advises the commander on C4I architecture, communications matters, and communications security up to Special Forces Operating Base (SFOB) level; prepares communications plan and annexes; prepares Signal Operations Instructions/Communication Electronics Operations Instructions (SOI/CEOI); serves as Communications-Electronics (C-E) NCOIC for FOB communications.

18F—Special Forces Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant

Employs conventional and unconventional warfare tactics and techniques in intelligence collection and processing. Trains and maintains proficiency in all major duties. Provides tactical and technical guidance to the Detachment Commander, indigenous and allied personnel. Plans, organizes, trains, advises, assists and supervises indigenous and allied personnel on collection and processing of intelligence information. Performs intelligence and operational duties when task organized in preparation (isolation) for special missions and during operations. Writes operation plans and combat orders, and supporting annexes. Conducts briefings, briefba-cks and debriefings. Establishes intelligence nets, conducts agent handling and prepares agent reports within the operational area. Capable of establishing identify through fingerprinting. Processes prisoners of war, writes and establishes security plan and performs decurity duties. Maintains all classified documents in the operational area and establishes destruction and evacuation plans. Provides area specialist assistance to the detachment, SF, U.S. Army, system services and other agencies.

18Z—Special Forces Senior Sergeant
Supervises, instructs and serves as the senior enlisted member for SF activities. Trains and maintains proficiency in all major duties associated with Special Forces. Performs administrative, operational and training duties during tasks organization of the ODA in mission preparation (isolation) and during operations. Performs joint, combined and coalition planning and supervises operations for higher headquarters, major commands and joint commands. Performs senior leadership, staff, and training functions within special forces. Performs duties associated with SQI “M” , “P” , and “H” .

18A—Special Forces Officer
A Special Forces Officer is responsible for what is typically organized as a 12-man team, known as an Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA).

180A—Special Forces Warrant Officer
Special Forces Warrant Officers are Combat Leaders and Staff Officers who manage all aspects of Special Forces Operations in all operational environments. Specialized Officers in joint, strategic, operational, and tactical requirements at all levels of planning and execution of special operations worldwide. They are responsible for the conduct of unconventional warfare and joint integration of Special Forces tactics and techniques. They advise commanders on strategic reconnaissance, intelligence collection, strike, and security operations. They lead specialized teams in Advanced Special Operations, counter terrorism, psychological, civil affairs and other missions, relative to special operations capabilities, as directed.
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5th Special Forces Group MOS descriptions
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