5th Special Forces Group
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5th Special Forces Group

1st Special Forces Regiment 5th Special Forces Group
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Fighting soldiers from the sky Fearless men who jump and die Men who mean just what they say The brave men of the Green Beret Welcome to the 5th Special Forces Group We are Battle Harden Green Beret's and we fight for the Weak and stand Up For Freedom The units Pay Pal accout is now set up if would like to donate to help the unit feel free to do so the donate button is on the main home page


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PostSubject: Enlisment Templete Copy and Paste into New Topic   Enlisment Templete Copy and Paste into New Topic EmptyFri Aug 10, 2012 2:09 am

[center][color=red]5th Special Forces Group [/color][IMG]http://i608.photobucket.com/albums/tt164/sarge12_12/BpmhSgCGkKGrHqNg0Ew5CUKk7SBMOeHojNuQ_1_8227_1.jpg[/IMG][/center]

[u][b]Personal Information[/b][/u]
First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth:
Steam Username:
Player ID:

[u][b]Previous Military Records[/b][/u]
Unit Name:
Reason of leaving:
Rank when Left:

MOS(Military Occupational Specialty)
But and x in the box u start out as an 18X—Special Forces Enlistment Option
after basic training u get your MOS and MOS training

[]18B—Special Forces Weapons Sergeant
[]18C—Special Forces Engineer Sergeant
[]18D—Special Forces Medical Sergeant
[]18E—Special Forces Communications Sergeant
[]18F—Special Forces  Intelligence Sergeant

[u][b]Miscellaneous Information[/b][/u]
Why You Wish to Join:
Can you Help Donate (Not Reqired But can if you want):
Additional Comments:
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Enlisment Templete Copy and Paste into New Topic
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